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Cognitive Testing and Psychotherapy Services


Services for Adults

(Ages 17 and Older)

Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations can be provided for a range of conditions impacting cognitive and psychological functioning. These include the following: traumatic brain injury (TBI), autism spectrum disorder (neurodiversity; formerly Asperger's syndrome); dementia/Alzheimer's disease, cerebrovascular accident (CVA or "stroke"), epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease, and psychiatric conditions impacting cognition. If you would like to see if your insurance will cover Dr. Brummett's services, please complete this secure intake form: New Client Intake Questionnaire. If you would like to use health insurance, his billing service will attempt to verify coverage. 

Please note that Dr. Brummett does not perform routine ADD/ADHD evaluations. 

Formal testing is not required for this diagnosis, and most insurance does not consider it a covered benefit for this reason. 

Any licensed mental health provider is qualified to make this clinical diagnosis as part of a standard clinical interview. 

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Click on Choose Service > Interview & Testing above to schedule with Dr. Brummett. His appointments are usually limited to Fridays and last approximately 3 hours, consisting of an interview and testing. A feedback appointment lasting 20-30 minutes is typically held a few weeks later. Due to the pandemic, Dr. Brummett is primarily offering telehealth (secure video conference) services. Please email drbrummett[at] or call 413.270.2003 if a Friday appointment will not work with your schedule, you are unable to use telehealth, or if you have other questions. Saturday appointments may be offered in some circumstances. 

September 2021 UpdateDue to unprecedented demand, Dr. Brummett may not be accepting new clients, but you can request to be added to his wait list for an appointment.

What our customers are saying

I will recommend Dr. Brummett to anyone who needs his services. He is very friendly, professional and makes you feel at ease. I walked away extremely happy with my results! He validated what I had been saying for the last 40+ years where math was concerned.

 - Patty

What our customers are saying

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for all your help, especially for seeing me so rapidly after I contacted you. I don’t think I can express what that meant to me. I thought I was going to be on a six month waiting list just to be assessed, and I was feeling very dejected about the whole process, and you’ve been by far the most helpful medical professional I’ve dealt with through all this. I’m so proud of myself for the steps I’ve taken so far and so grateful you were there to help along the way!

 - Victoria

Memory Problems

Memory problems can be very concerning, but did you know that there are many treatable conditions that may to blame? Dr. Brummett provides baseline testing and memory screening evaluations to diagnose memory problems such as dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's disease) and guide/monitor treatment.


Dr. Brummett has expertise evaluating and diagnosing adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger's syndrome). Neurodiverse individuals may benefit from having an evaluation to confirm a diagnosis, understand more about their neurology, and access helpful resources.

Ability to Make Decisions

Do you have a family member or patient who seems to be having decision-making difficulties? Dr. Brummett can provide an evaluation to help determine whether or not help is needed to make important decisions.

Have you had a concussion or acquired brain injury? Drs. Brummett and Cianciulli work with survivors of brain injury across the lifespan to help you better understand the effects and the course of recovery so that you can achieve the highest possible level of functioning. 

Dr. Mullen provides clinical services to support elders and their families to navigate brain change.